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Welcome to this website! my name is Alessio Rigoli and this is my little corner of the web. I am based in Australia and run my business AGR Technology which provides a range of technical services as well as software and online content.

A little about me

I first realized my passion for technology back in high school where I learnt how to make simple HTML websites and small scripts and software.

As I started learning more about computers I became very interested in the Android Operating System which was starting to gain momentum and had an increasing number of applications and developers working on building interesting tweaks and projects.

From here I learnt about Custom ROM’s, Kernels and other modifications which gave me the inspiration to start my YouTube channel and eventually the AGR Technology blog.

Following my passion for technology I later expanded the blog to cover more topics such as Security, Windows, macOS and Linux to document new things I started to come across in my research and career.

Moving forward in my career I started working in the I.T sector as a helpdesk support technician assisting users with different issues and completing various tasks like repairs, system administration and more.

In 2020 I decided to take a different path and formally started my own business providing services such as SEO, Internet Marketing and Custom software as well as expanding my digital content and software projects.

On this website I will share the occasional blog post to share updates, projects and personal experiences so be sure to follow the blog on Twitter or subscribe directly to the RSS feed if you prefer.


If you made it to the end thanks for reading, if you would like to connect or potentially work together you can reach me on LinkedIn or directly through this contact form.

Thank you!

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